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Facilitating recovery from substance abuse and building lifeskills

Essential to recovery journey is the building of effective lifeskills to replace the maladaptive coping style of substance abuse .

Therapeutic Community

We facilitate shared community environment that promotes pro-social values; and personal development environment consisting of informal interpersonal interactions that promote cognitive rehearsal of skills useful in managing self and others.

Main therapies

We have a blend of main therapies, each of which can stand alone as a full program. There are both individual and group relapse prevention psycho-educational programs

Brief therapies

Our brief therapies focus on the present, downplay psychic causality, and focus on a specific behavioral change rather than large-scale or pervasive change


Our manualized life skills training covers 6 core areas, namely, group facilitation, communication, decision-making, self-esteem, assertion and personal skills (e.g. personal goals, time management, thinking positively etc)

Treatment planning

We provide comprehensive multi-domain evaluation of our clients, based on which we design, implement and review the treatment plan

Indoor-outdoor Games

We use games not only as a form of occupational therapy or physical exercise but also as a tool for moderating our therapeutic community environment and promoting personal skills







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